Jaguar Mark V Drophead in 1950s

This is how the early 1950's Jaguar Mark V Drophead (pictured below) looked when it arrived at our premises. A farmer had owned it and dismantled it in his barn twenty years before the current owner purchased it and the photo shows it being loaded onto a trailer for removal.

Panel Beaters in Whangarei

Come in and see us for a free quote on all your panelwork needs. Whether it's an insurance job (we deal with all insurance companies), rust repairs for your WOF or just a small private job we can help. As we are also a paintshop the whole job is done on the premises and the quote will cover everything.

Kamo Panel & Paint Ltd. work on all types of vehicles from cars to heavy machinery and everything in between - trucks, hearses, even an operating table! We have all the modern equipment to do the job as well as the old fashioned tools necessary when restoring vehicles.

How Panel Beating has changed over the years

Panel BeatingPanelbeating has changed a great deal over the years. As a restoration specialist Kamo Panel & Paint Ltd. still has, and uses, the old equipment with which new body panels can be made a necessity when panels are no longer available. We have an English Wheel to enable the shaping of curves in the panel, a folder to make the straight folds, a swaging machine to make the swage lines in the panels plus rollers and a shrinker/stretcher tool. This equipment is getting to be a novelty in panel shops now and there is a diminishing number of people who know how to use it as many of these skills are no longer taught, luckily our current panelbeater was taught by a tradesman panelbeater and coach builder how to use all our equipment and is very adept with it. One of the bigger projects we have undertaken is to manufacture aluminium outer body panels to fit the framework of a small sports car.

Originally dents in panels were hammered and filed and the filler used was lead (which we purchased from Provincial Industries in Whangarei in sticks). Nowadays body filler has replaced the lead and over the years has been improved to the stage where it is now a much better filler than lead - and much easier to use. To hammer and file a panel on a modern car now is impossible as the metal is so much thinner than that used in the old cars.

Panel BeatingPanel Beating

Gas welding has been partly replaced by the use of MIG Welders which are semi automated and much quicker and easier but have the same strength. New panel tools are improving the panelbeaters lot all the time and Kamo Panel & Paint Ltd. keep abreast of the changes and purchase tools if they will make the job quicker or easier, such as plasma cutters and plastic repair equipment. Our hoist is also an invaluable tool for repairs to the underside of vehicles.

Panel BeatingAs well as restoration we repair all makes and models of cars which also keeps us up to date with manufacturers' changes in specifications. Then there is the heavy equipment which we also repair, from small trucks to Graders and Mack trucks we have done them all. We do light engineering work including the manufacture of large tool cabinets to the owner's speciifica- tions, and have a Fork Lift which is a bonus when truck trays and tool cabinets need to be removed or fitted.

We can also fabricate and weld aluminium, have fitted roll cages to rally cars, repaired an operating table and raised the roofline of a motorhome.

Over the years we have also found a variety of "quick fix" remedies used for previous repairs on vehicles such as chicken wire/concrete, tin foil, newspaper, wood and alkathene pipe!